CfP: Strategic Justice, Conventions, and Game Theory (Thrasher & Moehler)

Guest Editors. John Thrasher (Chapman University) and Michael Moehler (Virginia Tech) will be guest editors for a Topical Collection on “Strategic Justice, Conventions, and Game Theory.” The collection will appear with the journal Synthese.

Description. For more than twenty years, Peter Vanderschraaf’s work has combined rigorous game-theoretic analysis, innovative use of (social) scientific method, and normative analysis in the context of the social contract. Vanderschraaf’s work has influenced a significant interdisciplinary field of study and culminated in the publication of his book, Strategic Justice: Convention and Problems of Balancing Divergent Interests (OUP, 2019). Building upon his previous work, Vanderschraaf developed a new theory of justice (justice-as-convention) that, despite a mutual advantage approach, considers the most vulnerable members of society and defends the egalitarian bargaining solution. To advance his theory, Vanderschraaf proposes an account of conventions that updates and systematizes David Lewis’s account of conventions, drawing on contemporary developments in game theory and economics. This topical collection brings together game theorists, philosophers, economists, and political scientists to discuss themes from Vanderschraaf’s work. The collection bridges a gap among disjoint but closely related literatures in game theory, bargaining theory, formal philosophy, rationality, equality, justice, and the social contract in order to advance dialogue among scholars in this rich and growing field of study. We encourage submissions from a diverse group of authors and in particular from underrepresented groups.

The issues to be addressed include (but are not limited to): game theory, bargaining theory, common knowledge, evolution, (social) scientific method, formal methods, (computer) models, conventions, social contract, equality, justice, and democratic decision-making.

The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2021. Submissions must be made through the Synthese website.

For further information, please contact the guest editors: John Thrasher ( and Michael Moehler (

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