PPE Discussion Colloquia

The Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics regularly (co-)organizes daylong discussion colloquia for selected undergraduate students from different majors across campus. These colloquia employ the Socratic method and provide students with an opportunity to explore, discuss, and challenge ideas about different aspects of society.

I have never attended an educational event as enriching and engaging. I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to have attended, and I look forward to further contributing to the program.

It’s hard to find a respectable forum for prolonged, civil discourse on topics I care about with others who are informed on these topics. I’m very grateful for this experience.

I really enjoyed the colloquium discussion. It was great hearing different perspectives on current issues facing humanity! It has been one of my favorite experiences at Virginia Tech.

PPE Speaker Series

The Center offers a public speaker series that is integral to its degree programs. Each academic year, several guest speakers are invited to present their most recent work to PPE faculty, students, and the public. 

PPE students have the opportunity to go for lunch or dinner with guest speakers and thereby develop their academic and professional skills as well as have opportunities to network. 

The PPE Speaker Series provides an opportunity for students to apply concepts from the classroom to the real world. The talks allow students to practice their argumentation skills and push them to step outside of their intellectual comfort zone.

The PPE Speaker Series is a stand out element of the program. After studying the original texts, to then have speakers come in and present on topics with which we could grapple and ask questions about was highly stimulating and a great experience.

The PPE Speaker Series was fun, educational, and interactive. The talks were very well-presented and the speakers demonstrated even further knowledge of their expertise and the way it connects with other ideas in the Q&A sessions.

PPE Distinguished Public Lecture

The Center typically hosts an annual public lecture that is presented by a distinguished scholar of international reputation whose research carries significant social relevance and cuts across disciplinary boundaries. 

The lecture fosters dialogue among faculty, students, and the public about important problems that our society faces. Past and future guest speakers include Kyoto Prize Winner Martha C. Nussbaum, Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen, New York Times bestselling author Dan Ariely, and award-winning British historian Adam Tooze.