PPE Events Spring 2023

Malte Dold Speaks on Hayek, Psychology, and Economics

Melinda Miller Publishes on Race and Agriculture


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“The call to action is not just for academic economists – it is for all of us who want a better, saner, more humane world. Economics is too important to be left to economists.”

—Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo

Fabian Wendt Publishes on The Project Pursuit Argument for Self-Ownership

John Thrasher and Michael Moehler Co-Organize Workshop on New Social Contract Theory

PPE Research Fellow Focus: Philip Yaure

PPE Working Paper Series: Nicolaus Tideman

Award-winning Cultural Theorist Kwame Anthony Appiah Speaks on Politics and Polarization

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Christopher Achen and Larry Bartel: Democracy for Realists

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PPE Student Interest Meeting

Careers: Unlimited Possiblities

“I credit much of my academic, professional, and personal success in college to the PPE program, and I am ecstatic to see what it becomes in the coming years.”

—Davis Rosser, Former PPE Club President

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Shane Lee Shares Valuable Experiences Serving as a Gilman Scholar in South Africa

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“In my job interviews, PPE was nearly always discussed. The ability to analyze issues from a multidisciplinary viewpoint is incredibly useful and something that applies to business problems as well as more traditional economic and ethical issues.”

—James Vasile, now at Epic Systems


Shane Lee Shares Valuable Experiences Serving as a Gilman Scholar in South Africa