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Jared Rubin Speaks on Ideology and Economic Change

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“Tragedy happens only when you are trying to live well, because for a heedless person who doesn’t have deep commitments to others, conflict isn’t a tragedy.”

—Martha C. Nussbaum

Fabian Wendt Publishes on The Project Pursuit Argument for Self-Ownership

Kellogg Center Hosts Workshop to Discuss Well-Being and the Good Life

PPE Research Fellows: 2022-2023

PPE Working Paper Series 2022-2023

Award-winning Cultural Theorist Kwame Anthony Appiah Speaks on Politics and Polarization

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Tommie Shelby: Dark Ghettos – Injustice, Dissent, and Reform

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“The PPE Ambassador Undergraduate Program served as a door opener for my college experience: offering both professional development and academic exposure.”

—Miles Franklin, PPE Student Ambassador

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“PPE helped me qualify for a variety of positions and stand out during the interview process. When asked during an interview, I was able to demonstrate how PPE taught me to provide creative solutions. PPE is a major part of my current success.”

—Anusha Ghosal, now at RADinfo Systems


PPE Alumnus Spotlight: Nicholas Work