PPE Cinema: Rashomon

Lukas Meyer Speaks on Distributive Justice and the Global Emissions Budget

Michael Moehler Publishes on Rational Choice Theory and Moral Philosophy


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“No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.”

—Adam Smith

Melinda Miller Publishes on Race and Agriculture

Kellogg Center Hosts Workshop on Formal Models of Politics

PPE Research Fellow Focus: Daniel Hoek

PPE Working Paper Series: Michael Wagnon

MacArthur Fellow Elizabeth Anderson Speaks on Creating an Egalitarian Society

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Christopher Achen and Larry Bartel: Democracy for Realists

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Careers: Unlimited Possiblities

“My experience with the PPE Program has been metamorphic, and I believe that the combination of curricula, the speaker series, and the chance to be an ambassador, make this program unrivaled.”

—Tessa Dean, PPE Student Ambassador

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Phoebe Scarborough Shares Valuable Experience at PPEL Summer School

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“PPE helped me qualify for a variety of positions and stand out during the interview process. When asked during an interview, I was able to demonstrate how PPE taught me to provide creative solutions. PPE is a major part of my current success.”

—Anusha Ghosal, now at RADinfo Systems


PPE Law School Discussion Session With PPE Alumnus Nicholas Work