PPE Undergraduate Student Ambassadorships 2019-2020

Each academic year, the PPE Program selects several undergraduate students to serve as ambassadors for the program. The primary tasks of the ambassadors are to (i) work closely with PPE faculty and staff on the development of the program, (ii) serve as a student contact for PPE events, such as the PPE Speaker Series and the PPE Distinguished Public Lecture, and ideally (iii) take on a leadership role in the PPE Undergraduate Club. For more information about PPE events and activities, please follow this link.

The application process for next year’s PPE Undergraduate Student Ambassadorships is now open. Any student enrolled in a PPE degree (major or minor) is eligible to apply. Please submit a short personal statement that explains your interest in becoming a PPE Undergraduate Student Ambassador, whether you are a PPE major or minor, and your resume. The application materials must be submitted to Professor Moehler (moehler@nullvt.edu) by April 9, 2019.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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