Kellogg Center Launches International Undergraduate Journal in PPE

The Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics has launched an international undergraduate journal in PPE. The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review publishes original research in PPE and welcomes submissions from current or recent undergraduate students in PPE worldwide.

The journal accepts submissions on topics across the field of PPE, including the history of moral, political, and economic thought, the methodology of the social sciences, formal methods, well-being and welfare theory, political economy, distributive justice, public choice, social choice, democratic theory, institutional design, social and economic growth, justice, and foundational questions of public policy.

The journal offers a unique forum for a growing international undergraduate community in PPE and and encourages submissions from a diverse group of authors, in particular from underrepresented groups. After articles are accepted, authors work with the reviewers of their articles to prepare their manuscripts for publication. The journal is student-led. Its editorial advisory board is composed of PPE Core Faculty, PPE Research Fellows, and Affiliated Faculty members.

For further information about the journal and submission guidelines, please visit the journal’s website.

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