2022 PPE Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award Winner

The Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is proud to feature Skyler Powell, a Spring 2022 PPE graduate, as the 2022 PPE Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award winner.

Skyler, can you tell us a little about yourself, academically?

I was homeschooled my whole grade-school education and enjoyed teaching myself various subjects. The homeschool experience led me to appreciate the classroom and engage as much as possible because it was new and exciting for me. I have always enjoyed asking difficult questions and discussing solutions. One of my favorite academic experiences here at Virginia Tech has been the PPE Discussion Colloquium hosted by the Kellogg Center. The discussion was engaging, fun, and helped me to grow in many ways.

What has your experience with the PPE program been like, and what are some of your favorite aspects of the program?

I originally applied to Virginia Tech as a Political Science major but, after being accepted, I explored additional options and found PPE. The program immediately caught my attention. Majoring in PPE was one of the best decisions I have ever made. While I have always loved classes and learning in general, the PPE curriculum has captured my heart. Just yesterday, as I walked out of my last class at Virginia Tech for the foreseeable future, I cried not having realized how much of a home I had found in this corner of academia. The approachability of all the professors and students to discuss challenging and fun topics is my favorite part of this community that I will miss dearly.

How do you think PPE has set you up for success?

I think the greatest gift of PPE has been its interdisciplinary view and the skills I have learned through looking at issues in more than one dimension. It has helped me through law school applications and even challenging times in the Corps of Cadets.

If you could give other students in the program advice, what would it be?

The advice I would give other students is do not be afraid to ask questions and seek their answers, talk to your professors about topics other than the course material, and when you choose a research topic, pick the option that scares you because that is where you will grow the most.

Do you have any final words or remarks?

Thank you so much to all the faculty, staff, and students of the PPE program. You have taught me so much and inspired me to keep learning.

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