John Thrasher and Michael Moehler Co-Organize Workshop on New Social Contract Theory

From December 8-10, 2022, John Thrasher and Michael Moehler co-organize a workshop on new social contract theory at Chapman University.

This workshop features new approaches to social contract theory. Whereas traditional social contract theories and their adaptations in the 20th century were developed for fairly homogeneous societies, societies in the 21st century often are characterized by conflicting first-order directives that stem from deep moral, political, religious, and cultural diversity. To address such diversity and the complexities of contemporary societies, new approaches (including formal approaches) to social contract theory have emerged that re-envision the social contract for a fragmented and sometimes polarized, yet interdependent, social world. New social contract theory explores how, in a world of continuous disagreement on questions of justice, in particular the ideals of liberty and equality, society not only can progress, but also flourish and become more robust and open in its social fabric.

This workshop brings together defenders and discussants of new social contract theory. It includes presentations by eminent and emerging scholars in this field. The presentations will help to clarify the distinct features of new social contract theory and provide a valuable starting point for further engagement with this novel movement in social contract theory.

Here is the workshop program.

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