PPE Events Spring 2023

This semester, the Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics will organize the following events and activities.

PPE Reading Group. The PPE Reading Group will meet every other week during the semester to discuss Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels’ Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government (2016). We will provide free copies of the book. PPE Core Faculty member Dan Gibbs will lead the reading group. Here is more information and instructions on how to sign up for the reading group.

PPE Research Speaker SeriesThe Kellogg Center will host one PPE Research Speaker Series talk this semester. On February 15, 2023 (4-5:30pm), Malte Dold (Pomona College) will give a talk with the title “Hayekian Psychological Economics and Its Normative Implications.” This talk is tailored to appeal to both faculty and students and provides time for discussion and interaction with the guest speaker. The talk will be followed by a public reception.

PPE Working Paper Series. The Kellogg Center will organize two PPE Working Paper Series talks this semester. On February 9, 2023 (12:30-1:45pm), Nicolaus Tideman will give a talk with the title “The Importance of Condorcet Consistency in Preserving Democracy.” On April 12, 2023 (12:30-1:45pm), Byron Tsang will give a talk with the title “Who Raised the Invisible Hand?” The PPE Working Paper Series offers a friendly and constructive environment for sharing and advancing preliminary research in PPE. Lunch will be provided.

PPE Distinguished Public Lecture. This year’s PPE Distinguished Public Lecture will be delivered by Kwame Anthony Appiah (NYU) award-winning philosopher, cultural theorist, and novelist. Among many other honors, Professor Appiah won the Ralph J. Bunche Award of the American Political Science Association “for the best scholarly work in political science which explores the phenomenon of ethnic and cultural pluralism,” the Outstanding Book Prize of the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights, and the Arthur Ross Book Award of the Council on Foreign Relations. The lecture will take place on March 15, 2023, from 5-6:30pm (Moss Arts Center) and is followed by a public reception. Here is more information about the event.

PPE Research Fellow Panel. At this panel discussion, current PPE Research Fellows Sheryl Ball, Ali Habibnia, and Jordan MacKenzie will discuss their work in scientific methodology, experimental economics, and applied ethics and social philosophy. The panel discussion will take place on April 19, 2023, from 4-5:30pm (Fralin Hall Auditorium). The discussion will be followed by a public reception.

PPE Undergraduate Research Journal. The editorial board of The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review (PPER) is pleased to announce that a new volume of the PPER will be published in the spring semester. The volume will include contributions from PPE students at Virginia Tech and around the world. Here is more information about the scope, submission guidelines, and review process of the journal.

To learn more about these and other upcoming events organized by the Kellogg Center, please visit the PPE Calendar. PPE events are open to the public and all faculty and students are cordially invited to attend.

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