PPE Cinema: Rashomon

The PPE Cinema, organized by the Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, welcomes faculty and students from across campus who are interested in watching and discussing great films.

Together we watch movies on the big screen in the conference room of the Kellogg Center (820 University City Blvd; Blacksburg, VA) and discuss the questions in philosophy, politics, and economics they raise. Food and beverages are provided.

On November 30, 2023, at 6:00 pm, the PPE Cinema will host a showing of “Rashomon” at the Kellogg Center. Considered one of the greatest films of all time, Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon” tells the story of the murder of a samurai from different perspectives. Winner of the Golden Lion in Venice in 1951 and an Academy Honorary Award in 1952.

For more information about the PPE Cinema, please contact Fabian Wendt (fabianwendt@nullvt.edu).

If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, please contact Holly Belcher (hollymb2@nullvt.edu) at least ten business days before the event.

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