Greyson Hunziker Shares Experience Attending the National Undergraduate PPE Colloquium

PPE major, Greyson Hunziker, shares his experience attending the National Undergraduate PPE Colloquium 2024, hosted by Duke University, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). This is an invitational colloquium that brings together some of the best PPE undergraduate students from around the U.S. for two days of intensive discussion of material that has been read in advance.

Greyson, can you tell us about your Colloquium’s experience?

I had a great experience at the 2024 Duke/UNC PPE Colloquium. We discussed various aspects of Artificial Intelligence from a PPE perspective. We had multiple discussions on both days centered around specific topics and readings. The discussions were split up with coffee breaks to get to know each other. We ended the day by going out for dinner together. Overall, I found our conversations stimulating and I had a fun time.

How did you learn about this opportunity and what interested you in pursuing it?

I had Professor Moehler for the PPE Gateway Course last semester and was selected by the program to attend the Colloquium. It seemed like a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss topics that interested me.

Do you have any final remarks for other students who may interested in exploring similar opportunities?

I enjoy philosophical discussions and meeting new people. If you do too, and you have the chance to attend a similar colloquium, then it is definitely worthwhile.

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