Dan Gibbs Writes Post for the U.S. Politics and Policy Blog of the London School of Economics

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Dan Gibbs, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and PPE Core Faculty member, wrote a post for LSE’s US Politics and Policy blog titled “Senators Use Obstruction Like the Filibuster to Signal Policy Priorities to Key Constituencies.”

Here is a brief excerpt of the blog post: The filibuster is a parliamentary procedure in the US Senate in which a Senator speaks for an extended period to delay or block a vote on a bill. It is often associated with the requirement for a supermajority vote (60 out of 100 senators) to end debate and proceed to a vote on the legislation, a process known as invoking cloture.

While filibusters and invoking cloture can be viable policymaking tactics for a party that believes it can wait its opponent out, the fate of a bill in the Senate is often known in advance of a filibuster or cloture vote. In 2021, for example, majority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York state, introduced the…

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