PPE Events Spring 2021

This semester, the Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics will organize the following events and activities.

PPE Research Fellow Panel. The Center’s research fellows for this year are Eric Bahel, David Bieri, Binio Binev (joint project with Maria Snegovaya), Melinda Miller, Byron Tsang, and Phil Yaure. On March 10, 2021 (4-5:30pm), three of our research fellows will present their work at a virtual research panel. Please see here for more information about our fellows’ research interests.

PPE Reading Group. The PPE Reading Group will meet virtually every other week during the semester to discuss Adam Tooze’s book, Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World (2018).We will provide free copies of the book. Here is more information and instructions on how to sign up for the reading group.

PPE Research Speaker Series. The Center will offer two virtual research talks. On February 17, 2021 (4-5:30pm), Alexis Louaas, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the European Institute for Innovation and Technology at Imperial College London, will give a research talk entitled “From Hobbes to Kant – A Repeated Game Approach of Contractarianism.” On March 31, 2021 (4-5:30pm), Julia Netter, a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Political Theory Project at Brown University, will present “Liberal Theory and the Digital Body: Rethinking Autonomy in Data Protection.”

PPE Distinguished Public Lecture. This year’s PPE Distinguished Public Lecture will be delivered virtually by Adam Tooze, who is the Shelby Cullom Davis Chair of History and Director of the European Institute at Columbia University. In 2019, Foreign Policy Magazine named Professor Tooze as one of the top Global Thinkers of the decade. The virtual lecture is provisionally scheduled for April 21, 2021 (details to follow).

PPE Conferences and Workshops. This summer, the Kellogg Center will organize/sponsor a Political Economy Workshop, an International Conference on Social Choice and Voting Theory, and a conference on Topics in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in order to celebrate the launch of the Center. The precise dates and formats of these events will be announced later this semester.

To learn more about these and other upcoming events organized by the Kellogg Center, please visit the PPE Calendar. PPE events are open to the public and all faculty and students are cordially invited to attend.

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